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Piped LPG Customers
How to open a new Piped LPG account?
Account Opening for Piped LPG Customers
Required documents:
1. Apply online: Click here to apply >> Download.
2. Identity card
3. Correspondence address proof, e.g, copy of management fee receipt Or a copy of a bank statement /utilities bill notice issued within the latest 3 months. Or a copy of rental deposit advice for public estate, which was issued by Hong Kong Housing Authority.
* For a company account, please provide a copy of the Business Registration certificate and company chop.
How to apply for a new Piped LPG account?
1)In person:Please bring along the above required documents, deposit and connection fee to the designated showroom. Our showroom representative will make an appointment for connecting LPG gas.
2)Web application: Coming Soon
3)By post / by fax / by email:
Please send the above required documents by fax to (852) 2139 8388 / by e-mail to [email protected] / or mail with cheque for deposit and connection fee to 16/F, Magnet Place Tower 1, 77-81 Container Port Road, Kwai Chung, N.T. Upon receiving your application request, our representative will contact you for an appointment.
Deposit amount and the account opening fee:
For enquiry about account deposit amount (refundable) and the account opening fee (non-refundable). Please contact our Customer Service Hotline at (852) 2435 8388 to confirm the amount.
How to terminate a Piped LPG account?
Termination of Account for Piped LPG Customers
1) Online Application: Coming Soon
2.1) In person: Please bring along the required documents to the designated showroom to make an appointment for LPG meter reporting and disconnection.
By post / by fax / by email: Please send the required documents by fax to (852) 2139 8366 / by e-mail [email protected] / or mail with the original deposit slip to 16/F, Magnet Place Tower 1, 77-81 Container Port Road, Kwai Chung, N.T. Upon receiving your application request, we will contact you for an appointment for disconnecting LPG.
Required documents:
a. Completed “DSG Energy Termination Agreement”. Please download the form here: >> Link to myDSG Account Termination
b. deposit receipt/ applicant's HKID card/Business Registration Certificate Copy (For Corporate Account)
Remark: 1) Our technicians will record final meter reading during disconnection of LPG. Our Customer Services Representative will inform you of the details of final payment. After receiving the final payment and required documents, we will refund the deposit and send the cheque to your appointed mailing address within TWO weeks.
2) For safety purposes, it is required to inspect the last meter reading and dismantle the gas meter inside the flat. Applicants are required to wait for the dismantlement of the gas meter before getting the deposit refund. 3) If the applicant is not available to arrange the termination in person, the applicant can either apply online or delegate another person to handle on behalf of the applicant. The delegated person is required to bring along the applicant's HKID copy, delegated person's HKID copy and address proof. 4) If the applicant has already passed away, the account termination process must be carried out by the duly appointed estate executor who can provide proof on the relationship between estate executor and the applicant.
How to update Account information of Piped LPG Customers
1. Fill in the Customer Information Change Form, Click here to download (Link to the myDSG Account Overview)
2.1 Application at Showroom: Hand in the form by person at designed DSG Energy Piped LPG Showroom (Link to the list of DSG Energy Piped LPG Showroom)
2.2 By post / by fax / by email: send along the required documents by fax to (852) 2139 8366 / by e-mail [email protected] / or mail the application form to 16/F, Magnet Place Tower 1, 77-81 Container Port Road, Kwai Chung, N.T. Upon receiving your application request, we will contact you for follow-up.
How to read gas bill?
Services Fee Enquiries
Question: What is the minimum charge?
Ans: Customers will be charged for a minimum basic charge if the gas charge for a given month is less than the minimum basic charge. The minimum charge includes issuing of gas bill, meter taking services, general enquiry and registered gas technicians to undertake regular safety inspection on an 18-month cycle for customer's home gas appliance.
Question: What is the monthly maintenance fee?
Ans: The monthly maintenance fee covers qualified Registered Gas Installers to undertake maintenance and repair services (excluding stove accessories), on-demand inspections and a regular safety inspection on an 18-month cycle of customers’ home gas appliances, gas pipes and risers.
Question: Can we cancel the monthly maintenance fee?
Ans: The Company’s Terms and Conditions for the supply of LPG apply. Consumption of gas supplied by the Company shall constitute acceptance of the Company’s Terms and Conditions.
Gas Bill/ Meter Reporting
Question: How to report meter reading?
Ans: Customers should report meter reading within meter reading period through one of the following channels: - Call our 24-hr Meter Reading Reporting Hotline at 2435 7787
- Online meter reading website “e-meter reading”
- Contact our Customer Services representative at 2435 8388 within services hours
Question: When will be the next “meter reading period”?
Ans: Please refer to your last gas bill’s “next meter reading date”.
Question: How to estimate monthly gas usage?
Ans: If we cannot get your meter reading for a given month, the gas consumption will be estimated based on previous records. The system will apply the average usage based on your consumption in the past 6 months automatically. If there is no reported/ recorded meter reading in the past 6 months, the system will apply average consumption for the block customer lives as the monthly gas consumption.
Question: I have reported meter reading but my latest bill applies estimated consumption.
Ans: If you did not report meter reading within meter reading period, the system will apply the estimation automatically.
Payment Method We offer payment methods as below
Use any mobile banking App to select FPS and scan the FPS payment QR code shown on your gas bill.
Via Alipay HK
Log in to the AlipayHK mobile app, select ‘Bill Payment’, then press ‘Utilities’. Click on ‘DSG Energy (Shell Gas)’ and enter your 10-digit customer code and payment amount. You can then pay your bills using the app. For enquiries, please call Alipay customer service hotline 2245 3201 or visit
Via Autopay
Through hotline: Contact our Customer Service hotline at 2435 8388, and our Customer Service Representatives will arrange the application with your bank (for personal account only).
Through our showrooms/ bank branches: Download “Direct Debit Authorization” from our website at “News & Quick Downloads”. Complete and return to your bank / our showrooms / or by post to 16/F, Magnet Place Tower 1, 77-81 Container Port Road, Kwai Chung, N.T.
The processing time is approximately 4 to 6 weeks, please use other methods to settle your gas payment during the process.
Make your payment by phone at 18031 or through the PPS website, our merchant code is “9426”.
For enquiries about PPS, please contact PPS hotline at 2311 9876 or visit PPS web site
Via Online Payment
e-banking payment through your bank account or credit card by specified banks i.e. Bank of China, Dah Sing, DBS, Hang Seng, HSBC, China CITIC, Mevas, Bank of East Asia, Shanghai Commercial, OCBC Wing Hang, Wing Lung and Citibank. Please contact your bank for further enquiry.
Select “Shell Gas” under “Petroleum Product” or “others” category in e-banking payment through your bank account or credit card by specified banks.
Via Cheque
Crossed cheque payable to “DSG Energy Limited” and mark down your Customer Code at the back of the cheque with payment slip, please send to 16/F, Magnet Place Tower 1, 77-81 Container Port Road, Kwai Chung, N.T. (Please do not send post-dated cheques or cash by mail.)
Via Cash or Octopus
Please bring along your gas bill to the designated showrooms for the gas supply premises for payment. Please contact our customer services hotline at 2435 8388 for further details.
Via Convenience Stores
Please bring along the LPG gas bill to pay your gas fee in cash at any 7-11, Circle K, VanGO Stores, China Resources Vanguard Supermarket and U-select supermarket. Maximum limit for each transaction is HK$5,000.
Piped LPG Customers – Useful Forms
(Leading) If you wish to open a Piped LPG account, please download and complete the relevant forms. Before applying for account opening, please carefully read the reminders on the last page of the forms.
Should you have any questions regarding the operators of your estate, please feel free to contact our Customer Service Hotline at 2435 8388 (Hong Kong) or 2870 0555 (Macau).
FPS Payment Scan the QR Code Settle your gas bill easily and conveniently
How do I use FPS?
How do I use FPS to pay my gas bill??
Log-in to your bank’s smartphone application and activate the ‘FPS’ function (alternatively named ‘QR Code Payment’), then simply scan the FPS QR code on your bill.
Before paying, please make sure that your customer account number and payment amount are correct and match your gas bill.
Finding the QR code
(Method 1)
See the bottom of your gas bill ;
(Method 2)
or View your digital statement on ‘myDSG’ mobile application
FPS FAQ for paying gas bills
1) How do I use FPS to pay my gas bill?
Answer: Once you have activated the ‘FPS’ (or ‘QR Code Payment’) function in your banking mobile application, scan the FPS QR code on your gas bill statement and confirm the details on screen are correct. Finally, select ‘Agree and Confirm’ to complete the payment.
2) Can I use my online Personal Internet Banking or bank smartphone application to pay through FPS? What mobile number, e-mail or ID number should I enter?
Answer: Unfortunately, our FPS gas bill payment service is only accessible by scanning your payment QR code through the FPS or QR Code Payment function in your banking smartphone application.
3) How do I access FPS on my bank smartphone application?
Answer: As long as you have a Hong Kong dollar bank account and have registered for personal internet banking, you can register for ‘FPS’. Just link your bank account to your mobile phone number, email address or FPS ID. Please check with your bank for more details.
4) Can the QR code scanner in the FPS payment section be used for non-FPS QR codes?
Answer: The FPS QR code scanner is restricted to FPS codes only.
5) Can I scan my FPS QR code using a different application/ reader?
Answer: Only applications that can support payments with FPS can be used to scan the QR code.
6) Can I set up a delayed payment instruction using FPS?
Answer: Unfortunately, the QR code does not allow delayed payments.。
7) I tried to scan my QR code but the payment was unsuccessful. Why?
Answer: As the payment QR code is updated monthly, please make sure that you have your latest gas bill. Additionally, please be aware that FPS has a daily transfer limit of up to HK$10,000/day.
8) What is the transfer limit of the QR code payment?
Answer: Generally up to HK$10,000/day. You can log-in to your Personal Internet Banking to view and make changes to your daily maximum transfer limit to non-registered accounts.
9) How do I know/ check that my payment has been successful?
Answer: You may check your recent FPS transactions in the ‘accounts’ section of your mobile banking application. You can also see the transactions on your bank statement; however, details (such as payee information) may not be displayed.
10) Refund Process:
Answer: Please call Shell Gas Customer Service Hotline 2435-8388 to submit an application and arrange for a refund. You will need to provide your FPS transaction records and gas bill for verification. The refund will be processed within 14 working days and returned by cheque to the address registered with your account.
FPS transaction history
HKID/other Identity Document
Gas bill/bank statement (for verification of identity/refund address)
If you have any other enquiries, please contact our Customer Service Hotline: 2435-8388.
Customer Service Support
Shell Gas Piped Customer Service Showroom
In order to provide high-quality customer service to pipeline LPG customers, DSG Energy has set up central customer service centres in the following locations. The services provided include account handling, gas bill payment, appointment scheduling, gas appliances display and sales, and more
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