DSG Cassette LPG

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Why Choosing DSG GAS?



Certified Safety Giving You Peace of Mind

  • DSG Energy is Hong Kong’s only one-stop energy supplier of piped, cylinder and cassette LPG
  • DSG Energy is also Hong Kong’s only energy supplier who meets the safety standards of storing cassette LPG and offers logistics services within the hazardous substance storage facilities at the oil terminals.
  • DSG Energy has always been operating under international standards and in compliance with Hong Kong’s Gas Safety Ordinance. Our safety performance is widely recognized by our customers.
  • For 8 consecutive years, DSG Energy’s authorized distributors have achieved Gold standard in safety performance, outperforming peers in the industry to give you peace of mind.

Why Choosing DSG GAS?



Quality Assurance Giving You Confidence

  • All products are produced under the most stringent quality controls, and have passed rigorous testing to ensure outstanding quality, weight and safety of the cassette gas.
  • All cassette gas canisters come with the original caps.

Why Choosing DSG GAS?



Excellent Services Giving You Satisfaction

  • Our all-round team offers you different product solutions and marketing activities. You may enjoy our services without even leaving your household.
  • Our large fleet of vehicles and team of staff provide timely delivery of your orders.

Encouraging Sustainable Development

DSG Energy has participated in two international green programs.

· Hong Kong’s first cassette gas canisters recycling program
· CLP and Apraava Energy’s wind and solar energy carbon offset program

DSG Energy is determined to support low-carbon living, help cope with climate change, and build a sustainable future.

DSG Gas Bottle Recycling Scheme

Why do we recycle DSG Energy cassette gas canisters?

  • To avoid pollution
  • To improve environmental hygiene
  • To reduce risks of public safety
  • To ensure the canisters are safely and professionally handled

How to recycle?

  • When there is no gas left inside, cap the canisters and return them to designated DSG Energy Showrooms. For more details, please refer to relevant web pages.

Where to recycle?

  • Recycling boxes for the canisters are only available at designated DSG Energy Showrooms. Please refer to Contact Us for more details.

Recycle Collection Point

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