DSG Energy & Sustainability: Building a Sustainable Future Together

How LPG Contributes to Sustainability

“Being a part of DSG Energy, you can be sure you are supporting a cleaner, greener future!

As a clean fuel, LPG produces almost no particulate matter or black carbon when burnt, and a total of 0.0715kg CO2e is emitted per MJ of LPG in its entire lifecycle (including raw material extraction, production, transportation and end customer use) (Source: WLPGA (2007)). In addition, DSG Energy supplies sustainably and ethically sourced LPG to meet the energy needs of Hong Kong and Macau residents.”

Our Approach to Sustainability

DSG Energy Limited is part of the international DCC Group, a leading international sales, marketing and support services group based in Dublin.

We have a strong commitment to our business purpose – to play a leading role in meeting energy needs in a safe, economical, environmentally friendly, and socially responsible way. To achieve this, we are dedicated to integrating sustainability across all aspects of our business operations. We follow the Four Pillars of Sustainability Framework, targeting sustainability goals within four key areas: “Climate Change & Energy Transition”, “Safety & Environment”, “People & Social”, and “Governance & Compliance”.

Our Journey So Far

Sustainability Achievements