DSG New Energy


In aligning with the targets of reaching net zero emissions by 2050, DSG Energy strives to contribute to the energy transition by offering our customers new energy solutions such as electric vehicle (EV) charging. We hereby aim to help customers reduce carbon emissions and facilitate the world to navigate towards a sustainable future.

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Why Choose DSG New Energy?

Promoting Net Zero Emissions through Energy Transition

As part of DCC Energy, we strive to accelerate the net zero journey of our customers by selling, marketing and distributing new energy solutions. Our new energy service is all about helping our industrial, commercial and domestic customers to decarbonize without hassles.

Customised Solutions

At DSG Energy, we listen to our customers to understand their specific needs before tailoring one-stop new energy solutions for them. We help our customers simplify the processes of energy transition and logistics to accelerate zero carbon emissions.

Benefits of Choosing DSG New Energy

Bringing Benefits to Human beings and Environment

Using DSG New Energy service helps improve the environment and diversify energy resources.

Supporting Sustainable Development

DSG New Energy is your trusted partner. Customers who choose our new energy solutions will reduce carbon emissions and support sustainable development.

Signing Up Easily

DSG Energy offers our customers the latest information and details. Our professional New Energy team can help you manage the whole process. Please contact us to learn more.

DSG New Energy Solutions

EV Charger Selling and Installation Service

With our extensive retail network, which consists of DSG Home, our online shop, and physical shops across Hong Kong, we list different varieties of EV charging products with various brands for customersselection. We also provide our customers with a one-stop EV charger installation service to ensure a seamless customer experience.

Other New Energy Solutions

We provide other customized new energy solutions. Please contact us for more details if you wish to accelerate the energy transition and contribute to sustainable development.

Partner with Us

DSG Energy has been collaborating with a number of new energy solution experts and experienced suppliers. Meeting customers’ needs is of utmost importance for us. With the support of every partner and our combined effort, we provide tailor-made new energy solutions to our customers. Leveraging our extensive expertise and technical network, we welcome you to partner with us for mutual success.

For more information and enquiries, please contact our new energy team at [email protected].

DSG Energy values clients’ advice, ideas and suggestions to continuously improve ourselves. We welcome your comments. If you would like to share with us any comments and suggestions on our new energy services, please fill in the following form to leave your comments or make inquiries: