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Why choose DSG Engineering Services?

The engineering team of DSG Energy consists of experienced and knowledgeable engineers who are dedicated to offering all-round and professional LPG/town gas engineering and consultancy services to serviced apartments, housing estates, food and beverage outlets, and all other shops. We also possess years of experience in managing contractors and developing custom-made solutions, having provided engineering, installation, repair and maintenance services to thousands of residential, commercial, government and hospitality clients in Hong Kong.


DSG Energy’s Engineering Team is known for providing swift and highly efficient services, as well as meeting stringent engineering standards. We hold onto our “Safety First, Customer Focused” principle to continuously innovate and excel.

ISO 9001
ISO 14001
EMSD Registered Gas Systems Contractor (GSC No. 52)
EMSD Registered gas contractor (RGSC no.25)
EMSD Registered gas supply company (RGC no.892-19)
EMSD Registered electrical contractor (REC no.34487)

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Gas Project Consultation: Including Design and Build


Oil to Gas System

E&M Service

Alteration and Addition Work (A&A)
Project Consultation

Compressed gas supply

Distribution system
e.g. Hydrogen, Nitrogen, Helium, Argon

One-stop Support Engineering Services Solve Problems

DSG Energy’s Engineering Service

Customers First Efficient Professional Comprehensive Sustainable Reliable Safe

We Focus on Designing Custom Made Solutions

Design and construction

LPG system design and construction >> Application for project permit from Electrical and Mechanical Services Department >> Pipe installation >> System operation testing to ensure compliance with Electrical and Mechanical Services Department’s requirements

Pipe works

Pipe replacements/rerouting >> Pipe run design >> Materials selection >> Safe pipe works

System upgrade:

  • Replacements / Installations of LPG tank
  • Re-installation and upgrade of gasifier
  • Replacements of water pump
  • Replacements of central LPG tank with LPG cylinder
  • Regular system check
  • Annual check of fire extinguishing system and electrical system

E&M Services:

· Installations of protection panels
· Tank installations, Installations of metal work at offtake stations

Professional Safety Advice for Your Composure


Routine check every half year and regular safety drill


Safety check every 18 months

Industrial companies

Installation of gas detectors in gas storage facilities

DSG Energy Serves with Heart

DSG Energy values clients’ advice, ideas and suggestions to continuously improve ourselves. We welcome your comments. If you would like to share with us any comments and suggestions on our engineering services, please click the following link: