Energy-Saving Rings: Do They Really Save Energy or Cause Accidents ?

Recently, an online shopping platform has been selling a gas cooker accessory called the “energy-saving ring.” It claims that installing this ring on a gas cooker can save energy and reduce gas bills by more than half. However, tests conducted by the Electrical and Mechanical Services Department (EMSD) have found that the energy-saving ring not only fails to save energy but also poses a serious danger by releasing a large amount of carbon monoxide during usage.

According to the sales page of the energy-saving ring, the product is supposed to improve heat distribution, enhance combustion efficiency, and reduce gas consumption. However, when the EMSD commissioned a local accredited laboratory to conduct tests, it was found that using the energy-saving ring did not improve combustion efficiency.

In fact, the energy-saving ring is not a new technology and has been around for over a decade. Using the energy-saving ring obstructs the entry of oxygen into the gas cooker, preventing the fuel from burning completely due to insufficient oxygen supply. This incomplete combustion results in the production of harmful carbon monoxide, with the emission levels exceeding the safety limits set by the “Basic Safety Assessment for Residential Gas Appliances.” Since carbon monoxide is colorless and odorless, it is difficult to detect, posing a significant risk of poisoning to users.

The tests also revealed that gas cookers equipped with the energy-saving ring exhibited abnormal yellow flames during combustion. The emission of carbon monoxide from these cookers was more than 400 times higher compared to the same model without the energy-saving ring, exceeding the safety limits of household appliances by over seven times.

The investigation by the EMSD also found a direct correlation between recent cases of carbon monoxide poisoning during cooking and the use of gas cookers with the energy-saving ring. In light of this, the EMSD urges the public to refrain from using the energy-saving ring and avoid attaching non-original accessories (such as energy-saving products, tin foil covers, and stove grates) supplied by non-manufacturer sources between the cookers and utensils. This is to prevent accidents caused by abnormal combustion. When using a gas cooker, it is important to open kitchen windows and operate exhaust fans to ensure sufficient air circulation.

Nevertheless, there is no need to be overly concerned about using gas cookers. DSG Energy values the safety of every customer, and therefore, we and our authorized gas distributors provide free safety inspections every 18 months to ensure the gas safety of your premises. Residential gas appliances supplied or sold in Hong Kong must obtain the gas safety supervision approval from the EMSD and bear the GU mark for identification. All cooker products sold at DSG Energy stores come with the GU mark, and installation is carried out by qualified gas technicians to provide you with peace of mind.

Cooking with an open flame is not only delicious but also safe. By sticking with DSG Energy, you can cook with peace of mind and confidence!

Source: Electrical and Mechanical Services Department, Consumer Council