DSG Energy: Benefits of Using LPG – Distributed Energy Usage

When it’s freezing cold, there’s nothing better than hiding indoors and keeping warm. But the most frustrating thing is when you turn on the tap and there’s suddenly no hot water! However, if you have an LPG water heater at home, you can avoid such unfortunate situations. Let DSG Energy, Shell Gas Licensee at Hong Kong and Macau to explain the benefits of using LPG!

【Diversify Energy Sources to Avoid Relying on a Single Energy Source】

  1. Use LPG during power outages

Older buildings may have issues with aging wiring and insufficient voltage, which can prevent the simultaneous use of an induction cooker and an electric water heater, and can also lead to short circuits. Even newer buildings may experience temporary power outages. If you have an LPG supply at home, you can still operate your appliances even during a sudden power outage, ensuring that you won’t encounter the problem of having no hot water during winter showers.

  1. Instant and Stable Hot Water Supply

Compared to storage-type electric water heaters, instant LPG water heaters heat up much faster and can provide a stable supply of hot water for extended periods. You won’t have to wait or worry about the water temperature fluctuating while taking a shower, allowing you to enjoy a comfortable hot bath in the cold winter.

  1. Occupies Less Space

Instant LPG water heaters are smaller in size and take up less space, providing you with more room in your bathroom for other things.

AS the market leader in LPG industry, DSG Energy has been delivering LPG services to countless households for over half a century through its Shell LPG division. We will continue to provide uninterrupted gas supply, ensuring that our customers can enjoy the cozy warmth anytime, anywhere!