How to Choose a LPG Cooker?

When choosing an LPG cooker, there are several factors to consider, including size, safety, and efficiency, as these factors directly impact your cooking experience and the functionality of your kitchen. Let’s explore the important factors to consider when selecting an LPG cooker to help you make the most suitable choice:

Gas Supply Type:

Before purchasing an LPG cooker, it is important to determine whether your residence uses LPG or Towngas. Typically, residential buildings provide only one type of gas for occupants. Since these two gases are not compatible, LPG and Towngas cookers are not interchangeable. However, many stove suppliers offer both LPG and Towngas versions, allowing customers to choose the appropriate version.


All residential gas appliances sold in Hong Kong are required to obtain approval from the Electrical and Mechanical Services Department (EMSD) and bear the Gas Safety Mark (GU mark). These appliances undergo local quality assurance inspections conducted in Hong Kong laboratories and are equipped with flame failure devices. When no flame is detected, the gas supply is cut off to prevent gas leakage. Therefore, when purchasing an LPG cooker, it is important to choose one with the GU mark.

Energy Efficiency Rating:

The Mandatory Energy Efficiency Labeling Scheme (MEELS) Phase 4 covers gas cookers and instantaneous gas water heaters and was implemented on September 1, 2023, with full implementation by December 1, 2024. When purchasing an LPG cooker or water heater, you can check the appliance’s energy efficiency rating. Grade 1 represents the highest efficiency, while Grade 5 represents the lowest. You can refer to this label to assess the appliance’s energy consumption.

Appliance Size, Space, and Installation:

Consider the kitchen space, the size of the cooker or water heater, and the space required for installation to ensure it fits your working area.

Heat Output and Burners:

Different brands and models of LPG cookers have varying numbers of burners and maximum heat outputs. They range from single burner to five burners (the most common being the double burner design). The flame types also differ, such as inner flame and double-ring flame, each with its own characteristics. This variety allows for different cooking needs. You can choose the most suitable LPG cooker based on your cooking habits.

Brand Quality and Warranty:

Opt for well-known brands and purchase LPG cookers or water heaters from reliable retailers to ensure product and installation service quality. Pay attention to the warranty terms and conditions of the appliance so that you can contact the supplier for assistance if any issues arise.


Price is, of course, one of the factors to consider when choosing an appliance. Consider your budget range and find the best choice that meets your needs within that range.

Additionally, you can also refer to consumer reviews and ratings to gain insights from other users about different LPG cookers.

If you have any difficulties in choosing a cooker, you are welcome to visit our Piped LPG customer service showroom or the showrooms of our Shell Gas Distributors. Our experienced staff will assist you in selecting the most suitable LPG cooker.

Source: Electrical and Mechanical Services Department